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Wikan Designs is a Melbourne-based candle and craft business that aims to inspire beauty, love and warmth in the lives, homes and minds of those we are lucky enough to reach.

We are excited to offer you the finest candles, which are all designed with nature in mind and hand made in our oasis in Melbourne, Australia.

​Here at Wikan Designs we believe in the quality, integrity and innovation of our creations. You will be pleased to know that our candles are completely cruelty free; yes, our candles are VEGAN! Our candles are made from the best quality, sustainably-sourced vegetable waxes, along with 100% cotton wicks, pure essential oils, fragrances and colourings. Not only do our formulae satisfy our values, it allows for a very strong scent throw and ensures a long burning luxury candle for you to enjoy time, after time.​

We are proud to have developed three unique and quirky collections, offering you over 20 pure signature scented candles for your enjoyment. 

  • The Arcana Collection, featuring high quality pure essential oils that have aromatherapy and spiritual benefits

  • The Zodiac Collection, featuring fine fragrances that embody each star sign

We offer custom orders, and we welcome wholesale enquires. We feature in expos and shopping centres around Melbourne; so, please check our social media for our upcoming events.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any enquiries through the ‘Contact Us’ form below, or directly to our email: wikandesigns@gmail.com


Love and Light,

Wikan Designs

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