about: Temperance

Fragrance: White Sage, Sweet Pomegranate, and Leafy Greens

Tarot Card Meaning: Balance; Moderation; Patience; Purpose; Meaning

Chakra: 3rd Eye Chakra

Chakra Meaning: Vision; Intuition; Perception of energy; Wisdom

Colour of wax: Light Pink


Temperance is the wise elder of the Arcana Collection. It represents patience, moderation and purpose. By burning Temperance, you will find yourself taking time to see how things feel, rather than jumping in head first when it’s not quite right - for example. By burning Temperance, you are able to receive calming energy that will quiet down an anxious mind, leading to a greater level of understanding, and an overall clearer mind. Through combining cedarwood, sage leaf and pomegranate, we have been able to capture a beautiful fragrance that stimulates the third eye chakra, yet calms the mind and body.


✓ 100% pure essential oils
✓ Assists in balancing the body's energy fields
✓ Hand poured on the night of the full moon
✓ Blessed using ancient rituals
✓ Comes with a mantra, and a clear quartz crystal to use when meditating


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