about: The Star

Major Fragrance Notes: Chamomile Leaves, Sage and Citrus Fruits

Tarot Card Meaning: Hope; Spirituality; Renewal; Inspiration; Serenity

Chakra: 3rd Eye Chakra

Chakra Meaning: Vision; Intuition; Perception of energy; Wisdom

Colour of wax: Dark Blue


The Star is the sixth sense of the Arcana Collection. It represents vision, inspiration, serenity and renewal. By burning The Star, you will find yourself being able to better envision your dreams and have the confidence to reinvent yourself - for example. The Star is an enchanting combination of sage, citrus and chamomile tea leaves. By realigning the third eye chakra, The Star will assist in awakening your ability to trust your intuition, your visions, perception of energy and your inner wisdom.


✓ 100% pure essential oils
✓ Assists in balancing the body's energy fields
✓ Hand poured on the night of the full moon
✓ Blessed using ancient rituals
✓ Comes with a mantra, and a clear quartz crystal to use when meditating

The Star

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